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Wendy Takes A Standby Christy Wilburn Nobella Webb


Wendy is determined to stand her ground and not let Darsha, the most popular girl in school, intimidate her as the fireworks between them continue to fly. She has discovered to her amazement that Russell Rogers has stopped throwing snowballs at her and is starting to “woo her with his ways!” Brent Reynolds, her first love, has moved away to Idaho. Will she ever hear from him? Wendy’s hair has continued to grow, and she discovers that it has brought her positive attention! Why didn’t she grow it years ago? Being a teenager and going to junior high school is a never-ending adventure. Don’t miss the continuing saga of Wendy, her friends, and family.

Book Title Wendy Takes A Stand
Author Christy Wilburn Nobella Webb
Date Published October 04, 2018
  • e-Book: 9781643452289
  • Paperback: 978-1643452272