Treasuresby Myron Humble

Michael’s high school years begin full of hope and no fears. His experience during the summer opens new worlds to him as he discovers he can reach his dream. He sets out to fulfill his dream of flying. His ambition runs into interference as he faces off with bullies and bigots. His mother warns him about laying up treasures on earth and encourages him to seek the Lord, but as he faces down every challenge, his pride grows. His greatest foe is not from without. Warnings from his mother about pride fall on deaf ears and Michael believes he has no need of religion or God. His pride leads him to make serious mistakes in judgement. His hunger for acceptance from his peers in high school lead him to take risks. Michael’s high school experience Is far from normal and he falls into great danger from increasingly violent bullies. Finally He comes face to face with the claims of God that he can no longer ignore.

Book Title Treasures
Author Myron Humble
Date Published October 12, 2018