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The Thief in the Nightby Joseph Bartley Haltom III


There is said a time will come when God will return as the Messiah, and it is also said that he will be like a thief in the night for no one will know the hour of his coming. But what will he really do here and is he already inside us all?

Joseph Bartley Haltom III was born in the small town of Grenada, Mississippi, to Joseph Bartley Haltom Jr. and Mary Ellen Ingram Haltom. His grandmother Mary Lou Steagall Haltom gifted him his first nickname Joey on the day of his birth. Haltom has had many nicknames over the years. Some of them are his creations, but the majority of them have been in use since his childhood. Haltom has lived a rather turbulent life, but it has increased his wisdom, all his hardships. The greatest wisdom he’s learned to have is to pursue his greatest dreams. That wisdom feels too late in its coming, but he heeds that wisdom openly now. This book is the second work dedicated to his greatest lover, April. No matter what happens to Haltom in his love for April, he is ready for better things. April will always be important to him. She’s given him the keys to live out his dreams. Such a wonderful inspiration is April to this artist.

Book Title The Thief in the Night
Author Joseph Bartley Haltom III
Date Published February 10, 2020
  • e-Book: 9781643458885
  • Paperback: 9781643458878