The Rainbow Treeby Leon Shargel


The Rainbow Tree is a very special tree that grows in the center of a small village. The Rainbow Tree is very large, very tall and very old. Each leaf has a different color, a different shape and a different size. The leaves of the Rainbow Tree’s reflect the rays of the sun into everyone’s homes which make the villagers happy.

Nearby, an old woman and her cat live in a small black cottage. The cottage has a big black fence. Inside the cottage are black furniture and dark curtains. Everything in her cottage is dark and gloomy. The old woman is sad and lonely, for no one in the village has visited her for more than one hundred years. One night, when no one is around, the old woman paints the leaves of the Rainbow Tree black. The next morning, the sun’s rays are not reflected into the villager’s homes. This makes the villagers sad and gloomy. The villagers are afraid of the old woman, but a small boy named Miguel decides to visit the old woman. Can Miguel find a way to bring back the Rainbow Tree’s colors and help the people of the village learn a valuable lesson?

In this children’s story, after a lonely old woman paints the leaves of the village’s Rainbow Tree black, a little boy pays her a visit and helps the villagers learn the value of kindness.

Book Title The Rainbow Tree
Author Leon Shargel
Date Published December 19, 2018
  • Paperback: 978-1643452449