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The Eighth Wonder of the World: A Poetic View of Our Wordly Beingby Jerry L. Rhoads


The Eighth Wonder of the World is the topic of the first poem and the theme for my first of five Wonders of the World poetry books. I reveal in that poem what the eighth wonder is and its intrinsic value to each person on earth. It presents something we all possess and don’t appreciate its power. I don’t want it revealed until they read that first poem, and hopefully, use that eighth wonder to read the rest of The Eighth Wonder of the World. Then eventually find their other four wonders by reading the Wonder collection.
So, for this first Wonder book to resonate with the reader, a love of poetry will initially be the reason it is purchased. After that, it will be the value to each reader as they use the five wonders in living their own lives. Ironically, poetry is so personal it’s hard to convince readers to take the time to feel the words, not just read them. To enable them to feel their Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth wonders I use a poetic view of their worldly being for each and every one of the 8+ billion people on earth …now known in my collection of the Wonders as our physical and meta physical being.
This collection has taken 35 years to enunciate into a tape recorder and five years to edit (by my wife who didn’t connect with my poetry until she read this collection of my feelings and thoughts of her and our family). It also is a stringing together of rhythmic words (some 50 thousand in each book), expressing opinions, values, habits, anything and everything that came out of my mind and heart for my new career as a writer, aspiring to be published and known as a renaissance author of poetry for my love of all that affects our lives here on earth.

Book Title The Eighth Wonder of the World: A Poetic View of Our Wordly Being
Author Jerry L. Rhoads
Date Published November 13, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643458113
  • Paperback: 9781643456423