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Snowbear: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktalesby Elisabeth Schalij


A warm glow basks Inuit children gathered around their grandmother in an igloo as they listen to her tell one of her magnificent stories.

The adventure begins when an Inuit family with two children, Tiak and Unu, leave their people to find better hunting grounds. They travel for many days across Ice Cap Mountain, often suffering from hunger and exhaustion.

Tiak and Unu’s mother dies during the trip, and when they reach their new home, they often fend for themselves as their father hunts for food. One day, he doesn’t comeback, and Unu tells her brother of a dream in which their father told them to go back to their people beyond Ice Cap Mountain.

Knowing that such a dream would not lead them astray, they pack their knives and fishing gear and set out to find their people. On the way, they meet a seal – the guardian of the sea – who tells them to visit Brother Walrus, who knows the way to Ice Cap Mountain.

To survive, they’ll need to traverse difficult terrain, battle a grizzly bear, and get help from an unlikely friend – Snowbear.

Book Title Snowbear: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales
Author Elisabeth Schalij
Date Published August 01, 2019
  • e-Book: 9781643456881
  • Paperback: 9781643454009